Staffan PĂ„hlsson


Role on the Board
Elected to the Board
Year of birth
Upper-secondary electrical engineering qualification, Tycho Braheskolan
Number of shares

Member of the Remuneration Committee of Bravida Holding AB

Other current assignments

Board member of the employer organisation EFA, the employer organisation Installatörerna, One Nordic AB, Båstad Tennis och Hotell AB and the Swedish National Savings Banks Association. Deputy Chairman of Laholms sparbank. Chairman of Båstad Fritidshamn Ekonomisk Förening. CEO and owner of MOS Advisors AB and S Påhlsson Fastigheter AB and subsidiaries.

Previous assignments

Several positions within Bravida, including President and CEO and Head of Division.

The Nomination Committee find Staffan Påhlsson independent of the company, company management and owners.

*31 December 2021